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Past & Present

accentMany people have asked me where I come up with those names for my Ragdoll cats. And from those who don’t ask I get a raised eyebrow. Now my family gets right to the point. They’re like those aren’t names for cats! Well, they’re the right names for my cats. ūüėČ

In any case, I thought I’d highlight my Ragdoll cats along with their namesake for each of my Ragdolls are named after characters in the 1960s goth soap opera Dark Shadows.

Daphne_cat                 DS_Daphne

Has there ever been a prettier Ragdoll kitten than Daphne? ¬†I’m hard pressed to believe so, but then I’m not the best judge as I am the breeder of the magnificent girl. She even received a Regional Win as a kitten, which¬†means she racked up over 5,000 pts. in only four months.
Daphne is the beautiful daughter of Willie, pictured below, and the proud mother of Sukie, pictured further below, as well as the proud grandmother of Amy
pictured at the bottom of this page.

Angelique_7months             angl-psm

And what of the ultra lovely Angelique? Of course her namesake Angelique Bouchard. I’ve always thought I made good matches¬†with the characters, and in this case I’d say I out did myself!

Josette_cat   josette darkshadows 3 Dark Shadows Josette

Josette has the honor of being my very first Dark Shadows cat. As such I started with my very favorite character — Josette Dupre.¬†You have to experience those episodes with Barnabus and the¬†music box to really understand why I would choose Josette as ¬†my first name. Katherine put everything she had into that¬†role making it an outstanding success.¬†I think Josette is an outstanding success herself which shows.¬†I picked just the right name for her!

Aristede_cat      aristede 2

To the right is the character Aristede, henchman to Count
Petoffi and namesake of my own beloved Aristede. I see the resemblence.

Willie_cat         Willie Loomis

This is Willie, my very sweetest and forever in my heart boy. He is the proud father of my darling RW Ch. RegencyRags Coquettish Delight, the grandfather of my beloved RegencyRags Delighted Im Sure, and the great-grandfather of RegencyRags A Sure Thing. My beloved Willie lives in Rancho Santa Margarita, California. I love you, Willie!

Jeb14wks2     Jeb

Here is my sweet love, RegencyRags Texas Freedom Jubilee who was named for the character Jebez, shown at right. Belovedly nicknamed Jeb, he is pictured here at 14 wks old. He had just earned his first kitten ribbon — 10th Best LH Kitten Speciality by Candy Jacobsen. Jeb is now retired¬†and lives with his doting family in Mississippi.

Sukie 7 month1     Suki Dark Shadows 1

This is the princess kitty I call Sukie, otherwise known as RegencyRags Delighted I’m Sure, pictured at 6 months old. She’s the daughter of Jeb and Daphne, pictured above. Sukie has the same vivacious character seen in Suki Forbes, her namesake.

Sabrina 5 months     Dark Shadows Sabrina

Look at this pretty girl! Her name is Sabrina, named after Chris Jennings’ fianc√© on Dark Shadows. They both have¬†that dark beauty that I find to be quite beautiful and mysterious. This is a picture of the lovely Sabrina photographed at 5 months old. She’s cousins my own Daphne. Now that’s a good pedigree!

Bruno 9 monthsHomePage     Bruno - Ode to Angelique

This is Bruno, the big, strapping son of Daphne and Aristede. I chose to name this boy Bruno because the same actor plays both Aristede and Bruno on the series. Click this link to watch a segment of Dark Shadows featuring Bruno with Chris Jennings and Sabrina

Arabella8wk1    Dark Shadows Amy

RegencyRags A Sure Thing, called Amy, is the daughter of Sukie, pictured above. I’m quite proud to have held back these splendid seal mitteds for my otherwise bicolor dominated program.

She’s named after the little girl, Amy Jennings, on Dark Shadows.

Amanda 3 months old    Dark Shadows Olivia

She’s coming soon! Her name is Amanda, after the character Amanda Harris on Dark Shadows.

BLUECP     Jamison Collins Dark Shadows 1

Just look at Jaimson pictured to the right! Can you see it? I nearly fell out of my chair when I saw the kitty cat version of Jamison sitting there on Mable’s website!

Julia Kittens 5 days old 11     JuliaHoffman1967

Minerva 4 months for show3    Minerva_Trask

Beth 3.5 m    Dark Shadows Beth

Laszlo Home Page    Lazslo

Roxanne 12wks for website    Roxanne_1840

Barnabus 10wk3    Barnabus

Danielle 10 months5    Danielle Dark Shadows

Chi Chi 1 yr 8 months    Cassandra Dark Shadow Pic

She’s coming soon! ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬†¬†Victoria Winters Dark Shadows 1