Show Season 2009/2010

berryApril 24-25, 2010. Oklahoma City, OK. Sabrina was Best of Breed Ragdoll Cat in show! AND Brunowas Best of Breed Ragdoll Kitten in show!
RegencyRags had a spectacular end to a sensational beginning of the show season. Sabrina went in with a bang and finished as da bomb! She’s my highest scoring Ragdoll cat to date having now surpassed even Aristede and Daphne. I knew this girl had a something special about her the first time I saw a picture of her at 8 wks old, but it took me a while to figure she’d go this far.

Congratulations Sabrina! You’ve been an outstanding companion to me, Schuyler and most recently Bruno as we journeyed through the TICA show season 2009-2010.

Bruno also had quite an ending to this show season! I’m so proud of this boy. He’s super big with great boning and a marvelouspersonality. Due to his birth date he’s one of those unfortunate kittens who’ll have a split show career. I truly believe that had Bruno the opportunity to show his full four months during the 2009-2010 show season I’d have another regional win contender on my hands. He’s that good!

Bruno’s Finals

4th Best LH Kitten – Don Caruthers

5th Best LH Kitten – Joe Edwards

2nd Best AB Kitten – Hisako Yamada

4th Best LH Kitten – Robin Sessler

7th Best AB Kitten – Debbie Brown

9th Best AB Kitten – Sue Becknell

2nd Best LH Kitten – Hisako Yamada

That’s seven finals for my baby boy!

Bruno 2nd AB Kitten
That’s Bruno, kitten #13, at the
Ok City Show with Hisako Yamada.

Sabrina’s Finals

2nd Best LH Cat – Robin Sessler

2nd Best LH Cat – Don Caruthers

9th Best AB Cat – Vicki Jo Harrison

6th Best AB Cat – D’Ann Kovic

berryApril 10-11, 2010. San Antonio, TX. What a show! We’re getting down to the wire now with our regional win scores and I’m so committed in encouraging my cats to do as well as they can for our South Central Region. Sabrina says she’s ready to stay home for good and have kittens. Bruno says he loves to show and wants to keep going. I’m exhausted and am looking forward to a nice long break after the upcoming Oklahoma City Show.

Bruno’s Finals

3rd Best AB Kitten – Debbie Brown

3rd Best AB Kitten – Mary Lou Anderson

Bruno MLA Ring
Special thanks to former TICA President
Kay DeVilbiss for taking this picture of
Me, Bruno and Mary Lou!

Sabrina’s Finals

3rd Best LH Cat – Ann Hoehn

3rd Best LH Cat – D’Ann Kovic

4th Best AB Cat – Ana Maria Sosa

3rd Best LH Cat – Don Caruthers

berryApril 10 -11, 2010. Arcadia, CA. Schuyler, now known as Sky Blue and living in California, attended her second adult show this weekend. She earned a 2nd Best AB Cat in Laurie Schiff’s ring. She’s now two finals away from her Grand Champion title. Way to go Schuyler! I miss her.

berryMarch 26, 27 & 28, 2010. Houston, TX. Schuyler is a champion at her very first adult show! I’m so very pleased at how my baby girl has grown up to be such a magnificent young adult. With three more finals she’ll be a grand champion. Maybe next month?

Cat Rebels Confederacy, Houston, TX 3/26-28/2010
I also had the opportunity to throw Sabrina a Supreme Party
Yes, that is her likeness!

Picture courtesy of Saroko Cattery

Bruno’s Final

7th Best AB Kitten – Mary Lou Anderson

Schuyler’s Finals

10th Best AB Cat – Mary Lou Anderson

6th Best AB Cat – Bobbi Tullo

6th Best LH Cat – Joe Edwards

Sabrina’s Finals

8th Best AB Cat – Joe Edwards

2nd Best LH Cat – Ana Maria Sosa

8th Best AB Cat – Bobbi Tullo

9th Best AB Cat – Don Caruthers

berryFebruary 13-14, 2010. Waco, TX. Schuyler was Best of Breed Ragdoll Kitten! So Schuyler ends her kitten career…. I had a strange sense of elation and sadness as I scooped Schuyler out of her very last kitten final in Mary Lou Anderson’s ring on Sunday afternoon. We’d been such a good team, Schuyler and I, and now we were finished.
Schuyler made a fantastic finish to her delightful debut in the Ragdoll kitten class! Sabrina also pulled in a few more finals.

Schuyler’s Finals:

8th Best AB Kitten – Karen Stinson

3rd Best AB Kitten – D’Ann Kovic

3rd Best LH Kitten – Ana Maria Sosa

2nd Best LH Kitten – Karen Stinson

9th Best AB Kitten – Mary Lou Anderson

Sabrina’s Finals:

BEST AB Cat – Don Caruthers

2nd Best LH Cat – Ana Maria Sosa

9th Best AB Cat – Fate Mays

9th Best AB Cat – Barbara Ray

berryFebruary 5-7, 2010. Reading, PA. That’s right, Schuyler and I were in the Philadelphia area just in time for a blizzard! It wasn’t nearly as bad as you’d think, and being from areas that never get snow, I actually found it exciting. On Saturday morning the cars were packed with snow. The hotel’s maintenance guy dug out the rental car with a shovel, then I got to sweep all the snow off the car and scrape the ice off the windows! Wished I had taken a picture of me in action with that snow brush. 🙂 Terrific fun, that snow brush.

Schuyler’s finals:

10th Best AB Kitten – Harley DeVilbiss

8th Best AB Kitten – Carlos Lopez

10th Best AB Kitten – Connie Web

Schuyler Reading Show
Me w/Schuyler in Carlos Lopez’s Ring

Independence Hall
Independence Hall w/snow from the blizzard

I’d always wanted to see Independence Hall since I was a girl. This is the closest I got. Maybe I’ll actually get inside this historical monument during the 2011 TiCA Annual.

berryJanuary 23-24, 2010. Ft. Walton Beach, FL. Sabrina was BEST of BREED Ragdoll Cat in show! If you haven’t noticed, I love going to cat shows! Even the ones far away are fantastic — like this Ft. Walton show. The girls and I drove all the way from Houston — a hefty nine hour drive — but it was worth every hour just getting to drive across the magnificent South and meet the people along the way. I’ll always be a California girl at heart, but I agree that the South is one of the best places you can live!

Sabrina’s finals:

BEST AB Cat – Vicki Jo Harrison

7th Best AB Cat – Nancy Parkinson

5th Best LH Cat – Theresa Kempton
Schuyler’s finals:

6th Best LH Kitten – Theresa Kempton

berryJanuary 16-17, 2009. Vinton, LA. Schuyler was Best of Breed Ragdoll Kitten in show. Besides taking home those coveted awards, the best thing about showing is the group of people you get to see at each show. It’s great to catch up with each other between shows. We even had a visitor from Beaumont, the owners of Drusus who’s the girls’ cousin. Then, as you can see, this was another fabulous show for my girls, Sabrina and Schuyler! I am smiling!

Sabrina’s Finals:

3rd Best LH Cat – Debbie Brown

2nd Best LH Cat – Ann Hoehn

7th Best AB Cat – Debbie Brown

BEST AB CAT – Ann Hoehn

4th Best LH Cat – Fate Mays

9th Best AB Cat – Fate Mays

Schuyler Vinton Show 2nd Try
Sabrina with Fate Mays

Schuyler Vinton Show
Schuyler with John Creech

Schuyler’s Finals:

5th Best LH Kitten – Debbie Brown

7th Best AB Kitten – Toni Jones

4th Best LH Kitten – John Creech

9th Best AB Kitten – Debbie Brown

4th Best LH Kitten – John Creech

5th Best LH Kitten – Fate Mays

4th Best AB Kitten – Karen Stinson

3th Best LH Kitten – Karen Stinson

6th Best AB Kitten – Fate Mays

berryDecember 11-13, 2009. Corpus Christi, TX. Going into this show I knew Sabrina was set to Supreme, but to get that BEST CAT at the right time is often illusive, especially at a big show like Corpus. My quite voice said she could do it, and she did! Sabrina is a Supreme Grand Champion! Special thanks to Ana Maria Sosa for honoring my girl with the Best Cat that made this happen.

Sabrina’s Finals:

BEST LH CAT – Ana Maria Sosa

8th Best AB Cat – Harley DeVilbiss

7th Best AB Cat – Don Caruthers

6th Best LH Cat – Bobbi Tullo

6th Best Cat – Ann Hoehn

8th Best Cat – Bobbi Tullo

Sabrina’s Best LH Cat with Ana Maria Sosa!

Schuyler also had a good time at this show. She’s steadily accumulating points for a kitten award.

Schuyler’s Finals:

4th Best AB Kitten: Karen Stinson

9th Best AB Kitten: Harley DeVilbiss

2nd Best LH Kitten: Ana Maria Sosa

berryNovember 7-8, 2009. Lafayette, LA. All I can say about this show is all around stiff competition! The kitten class of 55 kittens contained the best kittens in the SC as well as many in the SE region.

As such, my darling Schuyler, who was Best of Breed Ragdoll kitten in 11 out of 12 rings, only came home with one final. The judges agreed that she’s an outstanding example of the Ragdoll, but much too young to compete against the older kittens in the other breeds presented at this show.

Schuyler took home one final: 10th Best AB Kitten – Don Caruthers.

Sabrina fared much better, earning three finals and finishing off her Quadruple Grand Champion title.

Sabrina’s Finals:

5th Best AB Cat – Harley DeVilbiss

7th Best AB Cat – Don Caruthers

4th Best LH Cat – Stephanie Smith

Since I was so tired after showing these two girls three weekends in a row, I never had the energy to even pull out my camera to take any pictures. However, I promise pictures at our next show. Will Sabrina Supreme? I sure do hope so! Who’s with me? 😉

berryOctober 31-November 1, 2009. Waxahachie, TX. It felt so good to be showing again in the SC after a two month absence of shows! The cats and I had a wonderful time. We took home several finals, plus Julia, my darling exchange student from France experienced her first cat show ever. Julia also had the opportunity to steward for two rings during the weekend.

Schuyler’s Kitten Finals

Even with tough competition and a high kitten count of 60, this baby girl – still four months old – managed to earn Best of Breed Ragdoll kitten in five out of 12 rings and get three finals out of 12.

4th Best LH — Ana Maria Sosa

4th Best AB — Erin Brown

7th Best AB — Hisako Yamada

Schuy & Erin
Schuyler shows off her long tail and prize Kola
Bear with Erin Brown from Austraila.

Julia with Ana Maria
Julia poses with Ana Maria and Schuye
after the LH Kitten final.

Sabrina’s Cat Final

BEST LH – Ana Maria Sosa

Sabrina with Ana Maria
Sabrina earned her Triple Grand Championship
in Ana Maria’s ring!

berryOctober 23-25, 2009. Albuquerque, NM. Schuyler was Best of Breed Ragdoll Kitten in show. RegencyRags My Lady Delight (i.e. Schuyler, i.e. Schuye, i.e. Schuye Blue), a tender tribute to her award winning parents, Daphne & Aristede, made a grand near sweep at her very first show this weekend. She delighted the judges with her playful personality and tendency to kiss and snuggle with them all. She received rave reviews amidst great surprise that she had only just turned four months old for this show. In all, Schuyler came home with 12 ribbons out of 18 rings.

Update: Schuyler finished 4th Best AB Kitten in Show! — What an amazing start to a grand show career.

Not to be forgotten, Sabrina also did her thing taking home four more ribbons which catapultes her to Double Grand Champion status!

Schuyler’s Kitten Finals

4th Best LH — E. Manning
4th Best AB — E. Brown
3th Best AB — D. Carruthers
4th Best AB — H. Yamada
3rd Best LH — D. Carruthers
5th Best LH — A. Walbrun
2nd Best AB — L. Schiff
4th Best LH — A. Chisholm
Best LH — L. Schiff
Best LH — T. Kempton
8th Best AB — P. Portales
3rd Best AB — S. Mattingly

Schuy w Laurie
Schuye wins BEST LH KITTEN
in Laurie’s Ring!

Schuy w Theresa
Schuye on the judging table
in Theresa’s Ring.

Schuy w Pascale
Schuye wins 8th Best AB Kitten
in Pascale’s Ring

Schuy w Erin
Schuye wins 4th Best AB Kitten
in Erin’s Ring

Schuy w Al
Schuye on display winning
5th Best LH Kitten
in Al’s Ring

Sabrina’s Championship Cat Finals

3rd Best LH — D. Carruthers
6th Best AB — L. Schiff
4th Best LH — T. Kempton
2nd Best LH — L. Schiff

Sabrina w Laurie
Sabrina earns her Double Grand
Rosette in Laurie’s Ring!

berryOctober 24-25, 2009. Nagoya, Japan. DGC RegencyRags Adonis of Burst took home four more finals this weekend in Nagoya, Japan. I am so proud of this boy and am very grateful to Ryoko for taking him out to shows in great style! Adonis is the full sister to RegencyRags My Lady Delight see above for her show results the same weekend.

berryAugust 29-30, 2009. Newark, NJ. Sabrina’s done it again! Three more rosettes this time won at the Mid-Atlantic Regional. What a treat to meet some of the east coast breeders and pick up some more points along the way. Sabrina is currently two rosettes short of being a Grand Champion.

6th Best AB — Don Caruthers
10th Best AB — Connie Webb
6th Best SP — Barbara Kissinger

Sabrina 6th Best SP
6th Best LH Specialty with Barbara

Sabrina 6th Best AB
My friend Heather ditched me for her own final, so
I didn’t have a chance to snag a pic with Don Caruthers. 😉
Here’s her 6th Best AB rosette just the same.


Me & Snowbelle

As a special treat, I had my picture taken with this gorgeous white
Persian, Snowbelle — TICAs BEST CAT 2004-2005.
She’s now retired from breeding and has begun a show career in the Alter Class.
I’d never held a Persian before, and her owner, Pat,
was kind enough to let me have my first experience.

I’m in love! Snowbelle is extra special to me because I
saw her for the first time when I was competing
with Angelique who is herself now retired.

berryAugust 1-2, 2009. Wichita Falls, TX. Even up against the exquisite older boys brought out by Familytimerags, Sabrina managed to take home two ribbons! This beautific girl is a Champion at the very young age of 8 months and 4 days old. Just four more rosettes and she’ll be a Grand Champion.

Sabrina Ch. Show 002
Posing with Steve after the Finals Presentation.

2nd Best AB Cat — Steven Savant

Sabrina Ch. Show 001
Fate presents all of Sabrina’s great features.

4th Best LH Cat — Fate Mays

Many thanks to Carol Sue Hale and the cat clubs, MCCT and T-TownKatz, for putting on such an amazing show!

berryUPDATE: Sabrina walked away with BEST Ragdoll kitten and 5th Best All Breed Kitten in Show!

July 18-19, 2009. New Braunfels, TX. Sabrina was Best of Breed Ragdoll Kitten in show. Sabrina takes Texas by Storm! At her very first show in Texas, Sabrina took home eight ribbons — including three BEST All Breed Kitten out of 39 kittens total — at the TICA South Central Regional Show. I can’t begin to tell you how much fun we had. 😉 We met a lot of new faces, and made what I hope will be some lasting friendships. Here’s a review of Sabrina’s wins…

BEST All Breed Kitten — Steven Savant
BEST All Breed Kitten — Ann Hoehn
BEST All Breed Kitten — Harley De Villbliss
8th Best All Breed Kitten — D’Ann Kovic
10th Best All Breed Kitten — Fate Mays
2nd Best Longhair Kitten — Anna Maria Sosa
3rd Best Longhair Kitten — Kim Tomlin
4th Best Longhair Kitten — Debbi Brown

Sabrina BEST Kitten
Best AB Kitten with Steven Savant

Sabrina 4th Best LH
4th Best LH with Debbi Brown

Many thanks to the wonderful Mission City Cat Club members for making this show such a delight to attend! Also, thanks to the fearless judges who dare to handle 150 cats in one day.

berryJune 14, 2009. Arcadia, CA. Sabrina made yet another dazzling appearance in Arcadia, taking home three more ribbons! Thank you, Heather, for getting Sabrina sparkling white for the show!

Sabrina June Show 002
3rd Best Longhair Kitten —
Stephanie Smith

Sabrina June Show 001
3rd Best Longhair Kitten — Kim Tomlin

Sabrina June Show 003
2nd Best Longhair Kitten —
Anne Rittzinger

berryMay 30-31, 2009. Nagoya, Japan. Ch. RegencyRags Adonis of Burst took home three finals at the Nagoya cat show in Japan. He’s well on his way to attaining his Grand Championship. Many thanks to Ryoko, who has done wonderful work with Adonis in preparing him for show. What a handsome boy!

Adonis Nagoya Japan 1
No, this isn’t Aristede!

Adonis Nagoya Japan 2
It’s Aristede’s son, Adonis.

berryMay 30, 2009. Arcadia, California. Sabrina was Best of Breed Ragdoll Kitten in show. SnuggleRags Sebring of RegencyRags made a stunning debut at the Arcadia show this weekend. At six months old, she took home three ribbons. Thank you so much, Heather, for being my agent and handling Sabrina so well. You’re the best!!

Sabrina’s show results:

2nd best Allbreed kitten– Anne Ritzinger

2nd best Specialty LH kitten — Heather Roberts

4th best Allbreed kitten– Heather Roberts