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berryInformation on how to purchase a Ragdoll kitten from RegencyRags cattery located in Galveston County, Texas, south of NASA/Clear Lake area.

Please take the time to read through this page. It’s become quite lengthy over the years, so I’ve divided it into different sections.

At RegencyRags we take pride in knowing our Ragdoll kittens are of the highest quality in and around Texas — even beyond. We strive to balance three important aspects in our Ragdoll kittens: Health, Temperament, and Beauty. Below you’ll find valuable information that I’ve learned through my ten years of breeding Ragdolls.  It’s a lot of information, but I feel all of it is equally important.  My goal is to provide the very best Ragdolls ever to the best homes ever.  I’ve done a very good job of that over the years and I want to continue doing so.  I strive to find the very best families for my Ragdoll kittens.  As a Ragdoll breeder, I feel it’s my job to educate future kitten buyers about Ragdolls so that a life long relationship can be established between me, the kitten buyer, and the much sought after Regency Ragdoll kitten.

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accentAbout Ragdollsaccent

Ragdolls are famous for their laid-back, sweet personalities. They will follow you everywhere because all they want is to be with you all the time. It’s this unique devotion that makes them so desirable. However, please be advised that Ragdoll kittens are energetic and mischievous just like any other kitten. From past experience and as I’ve heard from other breeders, there’s a misconception that Ragdoll kittens are just as laid-back and relaxed as their adult counterparts. There’s a slight truth to that, because Ragdoll kittens are very sweet and loving after they’ve finished tearing through the house chasing everything and anything remotely resembling a toy. Keep in mind that when a Ragdoll kitten wants to play he’s not much interested in snuggling. In my opinion, Ragdoll kittens begin to settle into their adult ways beginning at six to seven months old. All Ragdoll kittens have their own unique personalities, so keep in mind that your kitten may settle down immediately, or it may take your kitten a full year to settle into that lazy Ragdoll adulthood.

There are two periods of very heavy shedding for Ragdolls: once in the spring and the other in the fall. Further, some Ragdolls have coats that mat more easily than others. In general, my cats get mats under their arms during or after the spring shed. Other Ragdolls might get mats on their back, ruff, tail, etc. because mats are formed from fur that’s falling out so quickly it doesn’t have a chance to fall off the cat before it’s trapped by other falling fur. Left unchecked, a mat will continue to grow. It’s best to brush out small mats early. Once a large mat has formed I recommend taking your Ragdoll to the groomers and having the mats shaved by a professional.

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