Show Breeder Waitlist Policy

Show Breeder Waitlist Policy

UPDATE 8/22/2018

DUE TO RECENT CYPER BULLYING AND HARRASSMENT I have decided to abolish my show/breeder waitlist.  Those who are currently on my show/breeder waitlist will not be affected. Those wishing to join my waitlist will no longer be able to do so.  Once I’ve sent kittens to all the people on my show/breeder waitlist, I will operate on a first come first serve basis but still at my discretion as it will now be much harder to earn my trust. I’ve operated with a waitlist for 15 years without incident.  It’s a shame that one bully is causing so much havoc in my life that I must change my business plan because of her.  Feel free to contact me if you’d like more information about the Chinese woman breeder who’s been harassing me. For now my pet waitlist will continue unchanged.


This policy is separate and apart from pet waitlist policy and FAQs.


I keep a list of all deposits I have received from breeders. I personally match each kitten with each breeder’s Request. Most of the time I go off the list in order of deposit received. However, there will be times when I have a kitten that’s a better match with a person higher or lower on the list. This is at my sole discretion. Deposits are non-refundable. Absolutely no exceptions.  My kittens are in high demand. As such there is a long wait period for top show bicolor kittens. When you place a deposit you are committed to waiting as long as it takes. There is currently a two to three year wait for top show seal or blue Bicolor kittens. The wait is much less for red/cream/tortie bicolors and any color mitted kittens. I am always fair with my waitlist. My maximum number of waitlist deposits is TEN. Show Breeder deposit is $500. If you are an international buyer and choose to pay via PayPal please add 5% fee to cover the cost of using PayPal.  Thank you. I look forward to working with you.

Updated Policy August 19, 2018:  Should a breeder threaten or harass me in any way about how I conduct my cattery business including but not limited to the decisions I make regarding my waitlist, that breeder will be automatically placed at the bottom of the waitlist. I have recently been harassed and threatened. This behavior will not be condoned by RegencyRags.