Available Ragdoll Kittens

kittrnpageberryUpdated: 07/02/2022

Ragdolls Shed.  Ragdolls are not hypoallergenic.  If you’re allergic to cats you’ll be allergic to Ragdolls. Kittens are sold under NO DECLAW contract



I have kittens born June 26th.  There are four males and one female currently under evaluation. All kittens are blue bicolors.  Some will be lynx.






Pet kittens are  $1,500.00 to $2,500.
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If we do not have kittens available, you can visit my friends websites, otherwise please contact me for availability:

Heather Sands in the greater Houston area:


Nilda Tull in the Dallas area:



I am located in the greater Houston area near Galveston.

Pet quality kittens $1500 and up.