There’s such a great joy in receiving pictures of my previous kittens when they are all grown up! Here’s a picture of Xavey with his own personal kitten friend, who lives in Ohio with his family. His mother is Josette and his father is my handsome boy, Brucie. Both his parents are now retired.

Xavey is special, because just like the lovely MiMi (pictured above), he was born the runt of the litter. I hesitated in sending him to Holly and her family because of his size, but after keeping him several weeks beyond the rest of his littermates, my vet gave me the nod and I sent him off to his new home. As evidenced by this great photograph, Xavey is no longer a runt!

It’s important to remember that even runts are worthy of a good home, and that more often than not they grow up to be healthy, wonderful pets.

Holly tells me Xavey has become a one person pet, who prefers her over everyone else.

My darling Xavey! I’m so happy to find him well, very loved, and, above all, happy.