Tristen 8 months

Showing off what kittens like to do best is Tristen, Sukie’s brother, pictured at 8 months old, playing in a paperbag. And if he’s anything like Sukie, he was performing acrobatic feats to claim some of that Olive Garden dinner! 😉 He’s the son of our retired boy, Jeb, and our diva Daphne. If it weren’t for an itty bitty white tail tip, Tristen would have had quite a career in the show ring.

Tristen, now called Enzo, lives with Kristen and Chris in Houston along with his best friend Merlin.

On 10/08/09 Kristen wrote:

“I’m sure you remember how he loved to burrow as a kitten. It seems he still does. If I’m sitting on the couch next to a blanket, he’ll jump up and try to put his nose underneath it. When he does this, I throw the whole thing over him, and he starts purring louder and wrestling around when I poke at the blanket near his face. He just has a good old time.”