Oz 5 Months

The exquisite Oz! He’s pictured here at 5.5 months old. This boy is the very picture of his father, Aristede. Oz is a Blue Lynx Point Bi-Color. He is the lovely pet of the Vavich family in Angelton, Texas! I’m so glad he’s found the very best family ever.

Received Sept. 11, 2009:


I just wanted to drop you a line to let you know how much we love Oz. He is an incredible cat! He likes to talk & play. Oz greets everyone who comes in the front door. He is very gentle with our special needs son. Brendon loves to pet Oz & lightly hold his paw.
Oz has turned out to be the perfect cat for our home. He is magnificant!!

~The Vavich Family