Estelle aka MiMi

Is she a heartbreaker or what? This is Estelle, an Angelique/Skipper kitten pictured at 2.5 years old. She is the full brother of Aristede. Yet, I really didn’t need to say that, did I? She’s the image of her brother, and the very twin of her mother. I am so impressed with her small ears, strong boning, and perfect eye shape. Plus her fur is so soft!

Estelle is a very special kitty because she was born a very small runt. A VERY small runt. I kept her at the house until she was six months old, because even at that age she only weighed two pounds. Finally, I GAVE her to a good friend of mine because I wanted to see her in a good home, but felt so concerned about her size.

Now look at her! This girl is no runt. She weighs 11 pounds!!! I am so happy my little girl made such a marked improvement. I have my friend to thank for all the love and care she gave Estelle as well. This is a success story if I ever heard one.

Estelle is now called MiMi. She lives a very spoiled life with my friend Diana in Santa Barbara.