Cooper 3 years old for web

I’m excited to post Cooper’s 3 yr old picture. He’s simply stunning. I am so proud of this boy. His beauty is simply enchanting. And those eyes! Just dreamy. All the judges who have seen Cooper have said that he is one of the most outstanding Ragdoll males they have seen in a long time. It’s the strong bones and massive body that gets them. I can only thank Daphne and Aristede for that!

I can only hope that one day his full littermate brother, Bruno, will grow up to be as handsome as this!

At home in Belguim, Kim tells me that Cooper is the most affectionate cat she’s ever owned. When she walks in the door at night he runs and throws his arms around her leg and won’t let go until she pets him and tells him he’s so much loved.

Both Kim and I hope Cooper will be able to earn a World Champion designation. Let’s see if he does!

Update 4/01/11: Cooper is now an Intl. Champion!