Angelique & Bailey

Look! It’s a picture of Angelique in her new home along with her grandson, Wesley. Aren’t they stunning together? Wesley is the darling son of my own Daphne and Jeb. He’s nearly a twin of his father. So handsome, and with a loving RegencyRags personality, making him the perfect Ragdoll pet kitty.

Wesley, who is now called Bailey, lives in Austin, Texas with Michele and the rest of her furry family. I’m so happy Bailey could find his forever home with Angelique. There are still days when I call for her, but she does not answer for she is not with me. If there was a way to keep them all, I would. But from the beginning of breeding, I knew it’s the responsible breeders who correctly evaluate their situations, and only keep a fair number of cats in their home. So, while I wrestled with the idea of letting Angelique go, it didn’t take long for me to realize she’d be happier with her own family to dote on her and give her the utmost attention that a princess of Angelique’s calibur deserves.