Ulrich & Winoc 12 wks

This is what I love to see, two Ragdoll kittens making themselves comfortable in their brand new home. Pictured here is Winoc, the seal mitted with blaze male, and Ulrich, the seal lynx bicolor mitted male. They look so sweet and content. Can you believe they’d only been home a short time with Halle sent this picture to me? And they’d been flown all the way to Ohio!

On 11/01/11 Halle wrote to me:

Hi Denise,
I just wanted to let you know that the boys are settling in well. They slept last night at the top of the cat tree and woke us up in the morning by jumping up on our bed and curling up on our pillows!

Dolce is living up to his new name and is super sweet-he purrs like crazy and climbs all over us when we sit on the floor. Winoc is a bit more cautious- but he is warming up to us and was the first one to explore the rest of the house this afternoon : )

They had their vet appt today and did wonderfully- I did want to ask you -have they been treated w/ Advantage /Revolution/something similar? The vet recommended but I wanted to make sure we didn’t give them a double dose if they were just treated.

At any rate we LOVE our baby boys and thank you for trusting us with them. I’m sending a photo (a bit blurry since they are constantly in motion) of them playing with their roller toy- they are adorable to watch!