Osvald 3 months

There’s nothing quite like a snuggly blue bicolor male Ragdoll. Of course I’m fond of the other colors and patterns as well, but my heart has always been with the blue bicolors, and it’s especially with this cutie one — another great kitten out of Bruno and Julia named Osvald.

Osvald has moved quite a distance from RegencyRags and now lives happily with his new family in Montana.

On September 7, 2012, Leigh wrote:

Hi, Denise! Just wanted to let you know what an absolute doll we think this little guy is. He charmed several visitors yesterday afternoon and was never afraid going from person to person. He had a ball investigating Mom’s house and played on his own while we ate dinner. He was cuddly and purring with me last night as we got quiet to get ready for bed. He stayed in the bathroom and only cried for about 2 minutes after I left him and was quiet all night. We are in the Salt Lake City airport now waiting for our connection. He has hardly made a peep the whole trip. I can tell he is restless and wants to get out of the carrier, but he is so well behaved about it. He might possibly be the world’s most perfect cat!

Thanks so much for all the goodness you instilled in him. I’ll be in touch.