Maiwen 6 months

This pretty girl is Noni’s littermate sister, Maiwen. She’s also a blue lynx bicolor. Maiwen, now called Midori, lives with Vanessa, and her kitty friend Diggy in Phoenix, AZ.

On January 25, 2010, Vanessa wrote:

Midori is growing up quite nicely! She is the cutest thing ever and is so silly. She has a ton of energy and keeps our senior cat Diggy on his toes. She plays fetch with crumpled up paper balls and loves to play with guitar picks. Who knew those would be such great toys! In true Ragdoll fashion, she follows me around the house wherever I go, and she sleeps right next to me in bed almost every night. Thanks you so much for my little sweetheart! She brings us so much joy and laughter. I couldn’t have asked for a better kitten. 🙂