Laszlo 6 months

This is Laszlo, pictured at 6 months old, the magnificent blue bicolor male out of Sabrina x Aristede that I planned to keep for myself, but decided he’d be better off helping out another breeder’s breeding program since I currently have three other males. It’s very difficult to keep more than two intact males in your home, so I’m already cutting it close housing three of them.

However, I have found the most wonderful home for this darling boy in Helsinki, Finland with Tiina. He’ll be setting off shortly for his new home and I am already missing him. When a breeder makes a decision like this, to send a boy to another country for a breeding program, it’s a big risk. But I know I found a perfect home for Laszlo with Tiina. My hope is he will enhance her program more than he would have mine.

I will always love you from afar, my darling Laszlo!