RegencyRags White Diamond Chief

Another lovely blue bicolor male out of Bruno and Julia, this boy is proudly called RegencyRags White Diamond Chief because he has a sweet white diamond shape on his back. This guy is definitely a looker. Originally named Isadore, he is now fondly called Chief by his new family who lives in northeast Texas.

On May 21, 2012 Kimberlei wrote:


You’ll be happy to hear he has settled in and seems quite happy & content. No problems at all with eating, drinking or using his box. He is the perfect kitten so far.

Had his vet check today and it went perfectly. He was completely at ease and won over everyone’s heart. He is such a love. He is healthy and obviously happy per my vet. Ears, mouth clean & healthy. No evidence of heart murmur nor parasites. Thank you so very much for raising your kittens in such a healthy and happy way way.