Danielle 1yr

Here we have RegencyRags Miss Dior, otherwise known as Danielle. She’s the sweetest and cutest seal bicolor girl I’ve ever had and I wanted to keep her for myself so much, but I couldn’t be so selflish with Danielle. She really needed her own family to love and dote on her.

She lives with Jo and their beautiful Himi in Kemah, TX. She recently sent me this beautiful picture of Dannie at 1 yr old. She’s grown up into an amazing beauty. JoAnn wrote on 9/21/2010 (Dannie’s birthday!):

We love her. She is so funny. She fusses about everything and nothing.

We had her groomed for the first time last week. When she got home she kept going around in circles because she had no padding on her behind
to sit on. She got over it soon. She weights 12 lbs and eats like a horse. Thanks for letting us have her. I ave sent you one of her many lady like poses.