Carson 12 wks.

This fluffy guy with the melt in your mouth serenity of an angel is named Carson out of Aristede x Sabrina who’s a littermate brother of my own Laszlo. Pictured below is another littermate brother — Francis. Carson is a top show quality kitten and should make an appearance on the show scene as an alter some time in 2011.

He’s made his new home with the Danz Family in Houston, TX.

On Oct. 2, 2010, Kathy wrote:

Carson is doing great! The first day, he did not like us out of his sight. If we left the room, he cried until we came back. I decided to let him sleep in our room, instead of his “kitty room” He was up every couple of hours crying like a new born baby. The next day we were home all day long. He was such a good kitty that we felt comfotable with letting have “free range” of the house right away. I was soooooo impressed with Carson! I thought that I would have to confine him to his room while we were gone, until he adjusted to our house. The next night he cried a little less in our room. The night after that, just once. Last night, he slept, or atleast he was quiet ALL NIGHT LONG!!! 🙂

The kids are doing great with Carson. Carson strongly bonded to our son. They play very well together.

Carson likes to climb in the refrigerator every time it opens, he likes to hide in our wicker and reed woven waste baskets. Of course Carson likes the balls and mice, but he likes to play with them is and around the gigantic tortilla chip box (from Sam’s). It has 1 small hole on either side, just barely big enough for him to squeeze through. Carson is full of energy and there seems to be enough of us with time to play with him.

He is doing great! And we are really enjoying having him around!

I took some picture of him. Wow! He is hard to photograph! By the time the delay on my digital registers, he’s gone!

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