Bo & Leah

This adorable duo is Owen, a blue lynx bicolor and his half-sister Leah, a seal bicolor. They are both out of Aristede. Then Owen is out of Daphne and Leah is out of Chi Chi. Even though they’re approximately six weeks apart, these two make fabulous playmates. Owen, now known as Bo, and his sister, Leah, live with Kim and her husband in Austin, TX. I’ve already told Kim she’s going to have to let me take that handsome Bo to a cat show. What a looker!

On December 23, 2010, Kim wrote:

Merry Christmas Denise,

I want to send you my attempt at a “posed” picture of Bo (Owen) and Leah
together. Bo seems to understand what to do in front of a camera, buy our
silly little Leah had another idea.

The kittens have fully transitioned. I was a little concerned about Leah at
first because she was so little and shy. But Bo did a good job teaching
her. Bo is such a sweet cat. He prefers to stay in whatever room we are
in. Besides being so handsome, he is also very smart. Leah is comical. I
swear she is part squirrel. She is a lot of fun and is becoming quite the
lap kitty snuggling up in the evenings with us.

Hope you have a joyous holiday season. Thank you again for our two adorable