Anatole in Houston 4 ms

Drum roll please for this kitten…. I am happy to present the ultra lovely and exquisitely charming RegencyRags Anatole of Ragalaxy. He is pictured here at almost 4 months old. Anatole is the best of everything that represents RegencyRags cattery. I love everything about him. Anatole is the brother of Etienne pictured above.

On October 10, 2011, Anatole moved to France to be the Pierre-Olivier and his family in Toulouse. Anatole has his first TICA cat show in a week or so. I am hoping to hear very good things from this show and I hope Anatole has a wonderful show career ahead of him.

Once Anatole finally arrive in Toulouse, Ambra wrote of his trip on the airplane and his initial reaction to his new family:

PO says: nobody resisted Anatole’s charm…each people PO met in the airport, planes, etc…. was amazed by him. I am also so happy, the way he walks and moves and the way he stands…he is a great kitten. I like a lot the fact he is not shy at all, he explores the whole house with curiosity and anything is a toy for him.