Welcome to Regency Ragdolls.

RegencyRags is a certified TICA Outstanding Cattery!

RegencyRags specializes in breeding Ragdoll kittens for pet and show in all TICA recognized colors and patterns.
We are a hobby breeder where our Ragdoll cats are pets first. We are not a commercial breeder (i.e. kitten mill).

Retired Females Available

We are downsizing the Cattery!


Girls that I’ll be retiring:

1. Danielle Blue Tortie Mitted Age 7  October 24. $200 She’ll retire by November 2017. Danielle is a very healthy nearly 7 year old girl who’s been a constant companion to us for many years.  I’d like to keep her with us but feel it’s better for her to finally have a family of her own.  She’s in excellent health and has the ultimate Ragdoll personality.

2.  Zelena Red Point Bicolor Age 2 $400.  No multi pet homes please. She’ll retire in November 2017. She’s hesitant with strangers but will make a lovely companion once she adjusts to her new home.

Please contact me for additional information.


Our Ragdolls have excellent health, type and temperament. A true Ragdoll kitten will follow you from room to room just like ours do. All our kittens are raised underfoot in our home as part of the family. The cats and kittens of RegencyRags are never caged. They receive all kinds of love and individual attention. It’s our goal to produce to best Ragdoll kittens in Texas.

berryWe offer Ragdoll kittens in all colors and patterns, including the lynx point and tortie point as well.

berryFor more information contact Denise at (713) 484-9337 or email us at sovogue@hotmail.com


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