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Updated 09/29/2014

Previous Kitten All Grown Up Needs New Home!

This stunning, full grown blue lynx point bicolor male is called Oz.
His birthdate is July 12, 2008. 
Oz is out of the famous RegencyRags pairing between Daphne and Aristede
making him a full brother to our very own International Winner Bruno.

Oz has been with the same family since he was adopted as a kitten. He's
been well cared for and deeply loved.  Unfortunately his family
has lost their house forcing them into an apartment that does not allow animals.
He must have a new home by the end of October!

This is what his owner writes about Oz:

He greets you every morning with gusto, meowing, purring, and wanting to be petted.
He is obsessed with shoes and likes to lie on them and cuddle up to them.
Oz gets along with friendly dogs and isn't generally aggressive toward other cats.
He greets all who come through the door but hides from young children.

Please contact Kathleen for more information.

Telephone: 979-864-0192
Email:  kvavich@yahoo

Oz is currently living in Brazoria County, Texas

Adoption Fee $50.00


RegencyRags is a certified TICA Outstanding Cattery!

RegencyRags specializes in breeding Ragdoll kittens for pet and show in all TICA recognized colors and patterns.

We are a hobby breeder where our Ragdoll cats are pets first. We are not a commercial breeder (i.e. kitten mill).



Our Ragdolls have excellent health, type and temperament. A true Ragdoll kitten will follow you from room to room just like ours do. All our kittens are raised underfoot in our home as part of the family. The cats and kittens of RegencyRags are never caged. They receive all kinds of love and individual attention. It's our goal to produce to best Ragdoll kittens in Texas.


We offer Ragdoll kittens in all colors and patterns, including the lynx point and tortie point as well.

RegencyRags serves all of Texas and beyond -- including Houston, Galveston, Austin, San Antonio, Dallas and the Beaumont area.

Our doors are always open to those looking to experience the best of Ragdoll cats and kittens. Just contact me and we'll set up an appointment for you to come by the house.

For more information contact Denise at (713) 484-9337 or email us at sovogue@hotmail.com


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