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Updated 05/10/2016


I'm getting several inquiries from people wanting to know if
Ragdolls shed and if they are hypoallergenic.

Yes - Ragdolls are cats so they do shed. 
No - Ragdolls are not hypoallergenic.
If you or a loved one are allergic to cats,
then you will most definitely be allergic to Ragdolls.

Give the Siberian cat breed a try if you're
looking for a subdued allergic reaction.


Available kittens offered for sale by RegencyRags. Includes our waiting list for those wishing to purchase a kitten from one of our planned litters.

Ragdolls have become an extremely popular breed. I ask that you take the time to read through to the end of the Buying A Kitten page for information regarding the Ragdoll breed and its myths as well as our kitten policies/procedures on this page before contacting me. I look forward to hearing from you!

Our kittens are sold under a no declaw contract.  No exceptions.

My primary purpose for breeding Ragdolls is for cat show competition.  Because of this many of my kittens are show quality.  However, there is always a certain percentage of kittens born that do not quite meet the Ragdoll show standard.

Pet kittens are required to be early altered. We only sell breeder quality kittens to catteries who also early alter.

Shipping pet kittens within the US is approximately $300.00. plus $150. health certificate and rabies.

Thanks, Denise.

Pets typically $950 to $1,250.
**Please see Buying A Kitten page for further details.  Click link to General kitten buying procedures.**

Show Alters generally $1,500. and can be sold as pets.
Breeders $1,850.
Show/Breeders from $2,300. and up.
Exported Breeder and Show/Breeder kittens 
           add $300. to cover extra time involved in the export process.


Available Kittens!


Lucky - seal bicolor male

Available as a Pet


Ready to go Saturday May 14th

Please contact me for pictures!




I have kittens born April 23rd.

Please contact me for additional information.




RegencyRags Ragdoll kittens are fed frozen raw food. 
My preferred brand is Blue Ridge Beef.
It can be purchased at Bones2Go in Houston, TX (Jersey Village).
Google Blue Ridge Beef and use their dealer locator to find alternate locations.
An alternate choice to Blue Ridge Beef is Nature's Variety.

***Please make sure to purchase your kitten's frozen raw food before picking up your kitten.***

RegencyRags Ragdoll kittens are supplemented with a blend
of equal parts Royal Canin Persian and Royal Canin Siamese.
This means the kittens are familiar with dry food, but they prefer the frozen raw,
and the frozen raw is far healthier for them.

RegencyRags Ragdoll kittens are raised using Pine Pellet Litter.
Please make sure to purchase Pine Pellet Litter before picking up your kitten.
I purchase the Petsmart brand of Pine Pellets; however, any pine pellet brand will work.

To switch your kitten to another type of litter (Although I advise all new kitten buyers to continue with pine!)
Use a 4:1 ratio of pine pellets to your new preferred choice of litter,
then gradually decrease until you feel confident your kitten is comfortable with the new litter.




UNDER EVALUATION -- Currently under observation for show or show/breeder quaility.  (These kittens may be listed as available pets in the future.  I do consider show quality kittens to pet homes at show price.)
SOLD -- Second Deposit has been placed on kitten.
RESERVED --Waiting List Deposit has been placed on kitten.
ON HOLD -- Waiting to receive deposit from kitten buyer in the mail.
-- Currently available for a deposit.

For Pet Buyers: Pick of pet kittens does not include show or show/breeder quality kittens.  I ascertain pet or show quality at my own discretion. Total amount due at pick up or when kittens turn 12 wks old, whichever occurs first.

Pet Quality Waiting List: A non-refundable $50. deposit required for waiting list. Pet kitten spots are allocated in order of receipt of deposit. I do take into consideration whether or not you have a particular color/pattern in mind, as well as the personality type. In my experience, all my kittens are sweet and friendly, however, some are naturally more outgoing and/or energetic than others. I rarely take waiting list deposits for female pet kittens.

If you are interested in a show or show/breeder kitten please contact me for availability.  Thanks!











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